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Electronic Product Code Information Service (EPCIS) standard, developed by GS1, supports capture and sharing of events and master data depicting lifecycle of products. OLIOT EPCIS X is a Java implementation of the EPCIS standard. At its core, OLIOT EPCIS X provides a scalable repository that links together entities, transactions and events in the supply chain, allowing easy capture and query of “what, when, where, why and how” of products and other assets.

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Transaction Capture. OLIOT EPCIS X implements REST-style web services that allows transaction data to be captured and stored in the repository. Electric Product Code (EPC) compliant identifiers ensure all data elements are uniquely identified and their relationships are properly recorded. Examples of supported supply chain transactions include packaging and shipping of products, observations and measurement of product conditions, and transformation of existing products to create new products.

Transaction Retrieval. Through a REST-style web service interface, an authorized user can query OLIOT EPCIS X to retrieve transactions using search parameters such as EPC, time, and location. This enables a supply chain partner to trace a product to its origin and inspect the chain of custody of the product in question.

Master Data Management. OLIOT EPCIS X allows definitions of reusable master data entities, such as businesses, facilities, and locations, to be centrally defined and managed. These entities are then references by individual transactions, ensuring data consistency across transactions and allowing easy navigation of supply chain information.

Built-in Developer Support. OLIOT EPCIS X ships with a set of example transactions to aid developers in getting started with the EPCIS standards and to jumpstart the development process.

Ordering Information for Federal Customers

Federal agencies can start using OLIOT EPCIS to build supply chain applications today by ordering from NASA's Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) GWAC where NIRA is Industry Partner through Carahsoft.

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