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We are technology experts with extensive experiences working with public sector clients. Most of our team members have advanced dregrees in their fields, and have earned the respect of their peers through their work.

Software Development

NIRA developers are experienced in both Microsoft .NET and Java technologies. We pride ourselves in a number of IT areas, including Web-based application development, Data management and database administration, and Business Process Management Systems (BPMS)/Appian. Our agile development methodology, based on best industry practices and our experiences with federal consumers, can be quickly adapted to an agency's Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process. 

Program Management

Our PMP Certified project managers are experts in planning, scheduling, budgeting and reporting of technical programs, and making sure projects completed on schedule and within budget. Following best industry practices, we offer a wide-range of PM services, including Budget Formulation and Budget Execution, Project Planning and Scheduling, and Construction Management.


System Engineering

NIRA's System Engineering capabilities include strategic planning, concept of operations, system requirements, and configuration management. We have supported governance of SOA services through their lifecycle based on established policies, aligned capabilities under development with Enterprise Architecture, and facilitated inter-agency collaboration among federal, state and local as well as international stakeholders.

Advanced Research​ and Development

NIRA's seasoned data scientists and engineers help our customers work with their data, from ingestion, processing to exploration. As technology innovators, we are solving real world problems with technologies like Semantic Web, Cloud computing, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain/ Distributed Ledger Technologies. 

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Ledger-based Network for Document Distribution (LEDGENDD™)

Developed under an SBIR project funded by Defense Technical Information Center, LEDGENDD™ uses blockchain technologies to enable instant document verification, continual access control, and real-time distribution tracking. 

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